Buying Custom Decal Kits For Bike? Tips For Finding The Best Seller

13 January 2023
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A custom decal kit can take your dirt bike from track-ready to impression-ready. If you want to stand out from the pack on a race track or simply give your bike some personality, custom decal kits are the way to go. While you can find quite a few decal kit sellers, not all of them offer the best products or ordering experience. Check out a few tips to help you track down the best adhesive decals for your ride.

Does the company email you proofs for approval?

Getting proofs for approval before your custom dirt bike decals are shipped allows you to do a final check of the design. The best sellers will offer to send you proofs after you pick your design elements and upload any graphics you want to be used. Even though waiting for proofs can add a little extra time to the ordering process, it can be well worth it to ensure the final result is exactly what you expect. 

What customization options does the seller offer?

Different sellers can offer unique levels or types of customization. Therefore, be sure to look at what options are available before settling with a certain seller. You may need a list of different customization options, such as: 

  • Certain color choices 
  • Specific types of font or lettering 
  • Certain graphics or shapes 

What kind of materials are the decals made out of?

Decals for dirt bikes obviously need to be quite durable to stand up to everyday wear. Not all decals are the same quality, and different manufacturers can use different materials for the decals as well as the adhesive backing. For example, some decals may be made of vinyl or rubberized plastic. Likewise, the decals may be available in different thicknesses, which can make a difference when it comes to durability. 

How long will the ordering and shipping process take?

Shipping or order turnaround times can be the final determining factor if multiple sellers offer similar decal kit quality and ordering processes. Due to variances in manufacturer sizes, the equipment they have on hand, and even the volume of orders, turnaround times on orders can vary. Most will require a few days to get back to you with proofs for approval and then several business days for shipment. 

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