3 Motorcycle Accessories to Consider

18 October 2016
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Riding your motorcycle is often a very entertaining and relaxing experience, but there are a few ways to make that experience even more enjoyable by adding a few accessories to your motorcycle. Listed below are three motorcycle accessories to consider. 

Waterproof Speakers

One of the issues that many people have when riding a motorcycle is that they are unable to listen to music like they can when driving a traditional vehicle. An easy way to get around this issue is to consider purchasing waterproof speakers that can be installed on your motorcycle and can stand up to most weather conditions with ease. These speakers will often be designed to cut through the road and wind noise while you are riding so that you can clearly hear your music.

Bluetooth Helmet

A Bluetooth helmet is a great motorcycle accessory to consider because it can help you stay entertained during your motorcycle rides. One of the reasons for this is that a Bluetooth helmet will let you listen to music from your smartphone or portable media device without your having to worry about wires. To make things easier and safer, the Bluetooth helmet will also have the controls that you need to adjust the volume and skip songs directly on the side of the helmet so that you do not have to dig out your phone to control the music.

Bluetooth helmets are also a great way to keep in touch with a passenger or a friend on a nearby bike because Bluetooth helmets can often connect to one another over short distances. This means that you can communicate with the other person without having to yell over the wind noise.


Finally, a sidecar is one of those motorcycle accessories that can provide quite a few benefits. For example, adding a sidecar to your motorcycle can make the bike itself much more stable, particularly on wet or icy roads. As a result, many people with sidecars on their motorcycles are fine with riding their bikes all year rather than storing the bikes for the winter. 

In addition, a sidecar can also make your bike into a much more practical vehicle due to the extra space provided by the sidecar. When you have a sidecar on your bike, you will have much more storage space for luggage for a long trip, camping gear for a weekend getaway, or groceries. Also, the sidecar makes taking people along for rides much safer, as the passenger does not need to hold still or match your movements when turning in order to keep the bike balanced. He or she can just relax, and you can focus on driving.

Visit your local motorsports dealer or motorcycle shop such as 49TH STATE DISTRIBUTORS today in order to see the wide range of motorcycle accessories that are available to you. Waterproof speakers, Bluetooth helmets, and sidecars are all very useful motorcycle accessories that you should look into.