Tips For Caring For Your Motorcycle Helmet

18 October 2016
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Having high-quality safety gear is essential for anyone that rides a motorcycle. In particular, a helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can wear while riding one of these vehicles. Considering the expense that comes with buying a quality motorcycle helmet, it is critical for you to understand the steps for properly caring for these items. To help you with this task, you will want to be aware of these simple care tips.

Thoroughly Clean The Helmet Each Week

Over the course of time, dirt and other substances are likely to start to accumulate on the exterior of your helmet. If these materials are not regularly removed, they may severely scratch and discolor your helmet. Fortunately, cleaning these items is relatively simple as you will simply want to use a damp cloth to thoroughly remove any dust or stains that have gathered on the helmet. If you notice that there are scratches in the paint, you should consider patching these scratches and applying a new finish to the helmet to prevent the rest of the paint from peeling off. When performing these repairs, make sure that you only use paint repair kits and finishes that are specially designed for use on helmets otherwise they may not properly bond to it.

Remove Scratches From The Shield

The shield that protects your eyes and face are essential for preventing dirt, dust, and other road debris from damaging your eyes or face. As time progresses, you will notice that the shield starts to accumulate a number of scuffs. These scuffs can eventually become severe enough to impede your vision. Fortunately, you can fill these scratches with a visor repair kit. When using one of these kits, you will want to make sure that any dust or dirt is removed from the visor first. If you fail to remove these substances, they could bond to the scratch repair fluid, which could make the visor permanently hazy. After filling in these scratches, you will want to give the helmet several hours to fully dry otherwise dirt and dust can get stuck to it.

Sanitize The Interior Padding

Motorcycles do not have air conditioning and the ample safety gear quickly cause you to start to sweat. To prevent the interior of your helmet from developing a foul odor, you will want to thoroughly clean and sanitize it every couple of weeks or whenever you notice it developing an odor. When performing this maintenance, you will want to wash and air dry any removable padding. Wiping the remaining padding with a sanitizing cloth is usually sufficient for eliminating any bacteria. You can help to eliminate any lingering odors by making a solution of diluted shampoo and applying it to the interior. If you do this step, make sure to wipe the interior with a damp cloth until all of this mixture is removed. Otherwise, you may find that you get shampoo residue in your hair after wearing the helmet.