UTV Accessories for Hunters

20 October 2016
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Utility task vehicles (UTVs) are like golf carts that have been hitting the gym. These beefed up utility vehicles are able to navigate off road and along trails, making them a favorite for hunters. This is because they allow you to access your base camp without the need for a full-size off road truck – which can be large and loud, causing a lot of commotion in the woods. The following are a few accessories you should consider to improve your UTV for hunting use.


A wired-in automatic winch can serve two major functions that are helpful in the woods. First, it can help get you unstuck if your UTV gets bogged down in a ditch or in deep mud. Second, it can be perfect for hauling a large buck up to hang, especially if you are hunting on your own. Winches are usually attached to the front of the vehicle and wired directly into the transmission.

Front windshield

On many UTVs, the front windshield is an optional feature, but one you will want in order to keep debris and branches from hitting you as you take to the trails. Opt for an impact resistant model for further safety. This way you won't have to worry about a large branch shattering your windshield when you are off-road.

Bumper guards

Spending a lot of time off trail and in the woods means you are likely to come up against brush and small deadfall, which will need pushed aside so that you can pass. Having a bumper guard installed will allow you to travel more easily while also protecting the body of the UTV against damage.

Storage and gear racks

The main benefit of a UTV when hunting is that you won't need to carry in gear or carry out the kill. Gear racks can be installed on the roof to hold your camping and hunting equipment. There are even gun racks made to fit the rear of the seating compartment inside the UTV. You will also want a rear rack installed so you have somewhere to strap the kill easily so you can transport it home after it has been field dressed. Many UTVs have small beds, so a fold down rack can help extend cargo space since you can stow items below in the bed, and then fold down the rack for tying down the kill for transport home.

Visit a retailer like Allied Powersports to check out all the accessory options available. They can help you outfit your UTV so it provides you with the most use when you are out on the trail.