What To Ask About When Shopping For A Used Dirt Bike

4 January 2018
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If you want to get into dirtbikes, but you don't have a large budget for getting into Kawasaki dirtbikes, a used dirt bike can be a smart way to enter the sport. When looking at a used dirt bike, there are certain questions and topics you want to be sure to ask about.

Why They Are Selling the Bike

One of the things you should always ask is why someone is selling their dirtbike. Asking this question can tell you both about the seller as well as information about the bike. Do they love dirtbike racing and have just outgrown the bike? That tells you that the bike has most likely been well ridden and taken care of.

Are they selling the bike because they no longer have time to ride it? That tells you that the bike may have sat for a while, and the fluids in the bike probably need to be changed. Are they selling the bike because they got into an accident? That tells you that the dirtbike was involved in an accident and may be damaged.

The owner's motivation for selling the bike can tell you a lot about how the bike has been taken care of and what type of condition the bike is in.

Any Major Problems with The Bike

Be sure to ask if they have had any major problems with the bike. Some brands are known for needing specific repairs after so many miles, so pay close attention to their answer. Do some research on the bike and find out what are the common problems with the bike. Be sure to ask and see if the current owner has experienced any of the issues that other people have discussed about that dirtbike.

Length of Ownership

Next, ask how long they have owned the bike for. The longer they have owned the bike, the more they should be able to tell you about how the bike was taken care of and how the bike has been ridden. They should be able to tell you more about how the bike performs if they are the only owner or one of a few owners.

If they have had the bike for a very short period of time, be careful of someone who seems like they are flipping dirtbikes. A flipper is someone who buys a bike at a low price, maybe fixes it up, and then tries to sell it for a higher price. They are not going to know as much about the bike as a dedicated owner.  

Finally, make sure that the seller has the title to the bike and that the title to the bike is in the seller's name. You want to make sure you are purchasing the bike from the legitimate owners.