Three Types Of Motorcycle Handlebars

15 September 2020
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Of all of the aftermarket motorcycle parts available for popular makes and models of bikes, handlebars are among the most visible and customizable parts riders can install themselves. New handlebars can dramatically change the look and personality of a motorcycle because they are immediately noticeable. They also change the way a rider interacts with their motorcycle by changing their posture. Riders can completely change their riding experience by getting new handlebars instead of getting a new bike. 

Motorcycle handlebars consist primarily of the actual metal bar that connects the handles to the body of the bike. They are typically sold by shape, and while many shapes of handlebars are available on the market, the following three shapes represent the full spectrum of handlebar design.

Drag Handlebars

Racing motorcycles are often fitted with completely straight handlebars called drag handlebars. These handlebars sit low on the motorcycle, forcing riders to bend forward to hold onto their bikes. They work well for anyone who wants to drive at high speeds or try aggressive handling maneuvers, but they cause issues for new riders. With the dramatic posture they promote, they can make it difficult for new riders to keep track of everything going on around them as they ride.

Ape Hanger Handlebars

When many people think about aftermarket motorcycle handlebars, they think of ape hanger handlebars. These iconic handlebars sit as high up as feasibly possible, forcing riders to reach up high to maneuver their bikes. They earned their name from the way riders look like they are hanging off of their handlebars when riding with them. Ape hanger handlebars aren't great for new riders because they force riders into unwieldy postures, but some relatively new riders can handle modified ape hanger handlebars that are relatively short. Riders who want to enjoy short, leisurely rides can use these ape hanger handlebars of all sizes without worrying too much about arm fatigue or handling difficulties.

Chumps Handlebars

If you want to enjoy a comfortable, relaxed riding experience, choosing handlebars that promote a neutral, ergonomic posture is a good idea. Chumps handlebars are classically shaped. They have a slight angle toward the rider and sit in a middling position relative to the motorcycle. Riders don't have to bend over or reach upwards to use the handlebars, and many riders find that they can relax their shoulders and settle into a long ride when using these handlebars. They also look classic and unobtrusive, so if you want onlookers to admire other features on your motorcycle, choosing chumps handlebars will draw their eyes away from the handlebars and onto other motorcycle enhancements quickly. Since these handlebars are so classic and neutral, they work well for new riders who are still getting used to handling a motorcycle.

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