Common Motorcycle Wheel Problems And Helpful Solutions

8 February 2021
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Motorcycles are like traditional vehicles in that they'll experience part issues and breakdowns. When there are problems with the wheels, it's important to respond quickly before your motorcycle is impacted and you're more vulnerable to accidents. Here are a couple of wheel problems for motorcycles and ways you can deal with them correctly.

Tire Deflation

If your bike is exposed to the elements more often than not, then tire deflation is probably something you'll be exposed to. It needs to be addressed quickly because a deflated motorcycle tire is more likely to go flat completely or blow out when you're driving.

Stay on top of tire deflation by using a tire pressure gauge and keeping the air pressure levels in the right range. You just need to find out what this range is depending on the motorcycle tires that your bike came with or the set you recently purchased as a replacement.

Wheel Damage

If you are not that quick to respond to a flat tire on your motorcycle, then you can put the wheel that it is connected to through wear and tear. These structural issues usually have to be addressed by professional motorcycle repair shops because they have specialized equipment that can help reshape the wheel.

They'll do their best to fix structural issues so that the wheel can be salvaged and support tires properly again. Just make sure that once you identify wheel damage, you don't continue driving on your motorcycle because that's a good way of causing too much damage to where a repair isn't possible. 

Bald Tires

If you ride your motorcycle enough throughout the year, then the tires' tread will eventually wear down to the point of being bald. You can't do anything to restore these tires. Instead, you'll need to find a replacement before ever thinking about riding on the motorcycle again.

If you didn't replace bald tires, then you may have to deal with severe handling issues. Even when making simple maneuvers at reasonable speeds, losing control is more likely to happen when your motorcycle has a bald set of tires on it. You can buy new or used replacement tires; you just need ample tread to ride safely. 

Wheel problems for motorcycles are something you don't want to neglect, especially if you ride a lot. If you're fast to respond, then you can stop wheel complications from getting worse and improve rider safety.