UTV Accessories For Off-Road Hunting And Camping Trips

11 October 2021
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A UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) is similar to an ATV. Many ATV models are designed for solo use. A UTV is a stockier vehicle option that will allow two or more people to be transported simultaneously. If you are going to purchase a UTV to use while embarking on hunting and camping trips, consider using the following accessories with your new vehicle.

A Racking System

A racking system can be used to secure your rifles, fishing poles, and other gear that is elongated in shape or bulky in weight. A racking system that utilizes grip technology will support fast installations.

Materials that are stabilized within a racking system will not shift while a UTV is being driven across rocky terrain or crossing a waterway. Racking systems include universal models that can be used on a series of UTV vehicles that are manufactured under different names and custom models that are each designed for use with a specific UTV size and brand.

An Infrared Light Kit

Being able to see your prey or another fellow hunter or camper who is spending time in the vicinity of where you are driving your UTV will make each outing more rewarding and safe. Infrared light kits contain LED bulbs and utilize illuminated beams.

A kit will contain mounting hardware, connectors, and a switch. Each light kit that is on the market will be classified for a specific UTV model. During the day, you can rely upon no lights or use the stock lights that were originally connected to your UTV. At night, switch on the infrared lights and rely upon them during each outdoor application that involves limited visibility.

Cab Enclosures, Wraps, And Bags

A cab enclosure or wrap can be used to add a unique color or pattern to the exterior of your vehicle. A camouflage print or muted color that is featured on an enclosure or wrap will allow you to stealthily drive your vehicle through the woods, without being detected by wildlife. Each of these accessories will also aid in keeping the body of your UTV protected from mud and scratches.

Cab enclosures and wraps can be used on a temporary basis and will not alter the permanent structure that comprises your vehicle's exterior. A storage bag that contains a similar print to an enclosure or wrap can be used to store all of the hunting or camping gear that you will be bringing along on each outing.

Visit an outdoor sporting goods store for more information on UTV accessories.