Key Design Features Of A Sport Side By Side

2 June 2022
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One thing that will immediately become apparent when you step through the doors of a side by side dealership is that these vehicles vary significantly in design. You'll find some side by sides that are specifically designed for work and others that are for recreation. While there are some models that are suitable for both types of activities, you may be interested in buying an off-road vehicle purely as a recreational machine. If so, you'll want to focus your attention on sport side by sides. The dealership will likely have several of these vehicles in stock, all of which offer a sporty look and several key design features.

Large Suspension

While every side by side has some type of suspension, one of the defining traits of a sport model is its large suspension. You'll be driving this vehicle at a high rate of speed over bumpy ground, whether it's an area of sand dunes, a rock-covered trail, or another type of terrain. A large suspension will make your ride as smooth as possible, while also lessening the risk of damage to the vehicle. With a smaller suspension, you'd have to navigate these areas at a considerably slower rate of speed, which could take some of the fun out of the ride.

Light Weight

Although there are several different factors that can influence how much a side by side weighs, you'll often find that sport side by sides are lighter in weight than some other types. Being lighter makes the vehicle more maneuverable, which will give you a nimble feeling when you're navigating challenging terrain. You'll also be able to occasionally "get some air" over bumps and hills with ease, which can significantly add to the fun of the outing. Sport side by sides get their light weight in many different ways, including often having a compact body type. For example, you won't find bulky storage beds on sport side by sides, as they add weight.

Sport Seats

You can expect to find sporty-looking seats in a sport side by side. While some side by sides have plain seats or even bench seating, bucket seats are a fixture in sport models. These seats are contoured not only for your comfort but also to hold you in a secure position as you ride. The seats will typically have multi-point harness seatbelts — somewhat similar in appearance and function to what you find in racing vehicles — to keep your body snug. The seating situation means that your body won't significantly jostle from side to side, even when you're traveling quickly on windy terrain. Visit a side by side dealership to check out its sport models.